We are two inspired individuals that are backpacking and documenting our 6 month multicultural journey through South America!

One year ago, we came up with a crazy, awesome, and spontaneous idea of backpacking throughout South America! With a little hard work and extra effort on our end, here we are making that dream a reality!

We are ready for the best time of our lives, as we set voyage on this 10,000 mile journey through Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia! We plan to travel by foot, car, bus, boat, and the occasional flight to make things easier.

As a culture driven, adventurist couple expect to catch up on some good times! Our goal on this South America extravaganza is to completely submerse ourselves with different cultures, learn and grow through our experiences and connections, make life-long memories and friends, explore new territory, and share great company!

Since we don’t want you to miss out on the fun we will be sharing our first-hand experiences, challenges, photographs, video footage, and amazing stories, on our Blog & FacebookWe want you to follow our footsteps and help us make those personal connections and memories that we could only dream of!

What to expect on our Blog

We are not the best writers on planet earth so please bear with us! Two of us will be blogging on one page, which means two different perspectives, two styles of writing, and of course repeating things here and there! Just look at it this way… most people consider a 2 for 1 purchase a deal so you’re getting a steal!

Cheers & Enjoy,

Danny Z & Liz


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Heeeyyy Liz and Danny!! Rachel here from the Browning’s and we have the Mikkelsens over here tonight with uncle Merle and aunt Kaye all the way from North Dakota! Papa is here Liz and he wants to tell you hello and he hopes you have a fun and safe rest of your trip, he loves you!! AND so do we all, miss you both!!! 🙂


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