Iguazu Falls – Brazil vs. Argentina

Iguazu Falls – Brasil vs. Argentina


As we reached the Brasilian and Argentine border we began to notice that futbol was not the only thing these two countries courageously battle for. They battle for the bragging rights to which side has a better view of Iguazu Falls! Iguazu Falls is one of the 7 wonders of the world and is one of the most amazing sites we have seen so far. When you arrive to either of the parks, you are greeted with a 150-300 waterfalls flowing into lush green rainforest as their thunderous roar vibrates throughout your body. Amazing? Hell ya! The true power of Iguazu Falls is like nothing we have ever experienced before and recommend it to everyone. Anyways, the big question is, which side is better to visit? Brasil or Argentina? Well, let me tell you a little about the Falls and then I’ll get to the deciding factor!

About Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, was first founded by a Spanish Conquistador in the early 1500’s. He was one of the first Europeans to come in contact with the native Guarani tribes that dominated the Iguazu plateau. The name Iguazu originated from the Guarni tribe that is directly translated as “Big Ass Waterfall!” Okay, maybe some is lost in translation, but it’s something along those lines. Currently you have the Cataratas de Iguassu (Argentina) and the Cataratas do Iguaçu (Brasilian), which both offer two completely different experiences of this natural wonder!


The Brasilian Side

The Brasilian side of Iguazu Falls was our first stop of both the National Parks. The park offered breathtaking panaromic views of the falls and gave you the opportunity to stand below Devils Throat (expect to get soaked!) The great thing about the Brasilian side is that it only takes about 2.5 hours to get the full experience and was not overly crowded! Plus we got to see some monkeys!


Lookout point that wraps around towards the bottom of devils throat!

IMG_6645 IMG_6649 IMG_6692

 Argentina Side

The Argentine side was our second stop of the two! This National Park offered multiple pathways and lookout points through lush rainforest that gave you spectacular views of the hundreds of waterfalls. It also, gave you the opportunity to stand above Devils Throat and see the massive amounts of water plunging into the valley. On the downfall, since the park was much bigger it did take about 5 hours to experience and we had to deal with massive amounts of people!


Standing above Devils Throat!


Meeting up with friends!


Waterfalls are endless!


The Boat Tour Seals the Deal!

Let me tell ya something… If you happen to make it to Iguazu don’t sell yourself short and do the BOAT TOUR! For about 25 dollars you can take an inflatable tour under the falls and experience the true power of Iguazu up close and personal! Everybody laughed and cheered as we were blinded by the pellets of water as they soaked our souls with this wonder of the world! I’d have to say it was better than French Toast on Sunday’s!



Needless to say… They were both absolutely amazing!



Thank you for following our journey!

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