Uruguay For a Day – Colonia, Uruguay

Uruguay For a Day – Colonia, Uruguay


We didn’t think we would make it over to Uruguay along our 6-month adventure, but little did we know that Uruguay was just a quick and simple ferry ride from Buenos Aires! We bought a ticket, jumped on a ferry, and before we knew it, we were in Colonia, Uruguay! Well, I be damned!

Colonia was a small, vintage town, filled with cobble stone streets, classic cars, and colorful architecture. It has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995!



What’s Traveling without Friends?

We were even lucky enough to meet up with some of our friends from Iguazu falls, Michael and Deena! We ended up spending the entire day in Colonia with them and even rented an overpowered, gas guzzling golf cart to tour the town! That definitely sped up the process as we passed locals! There was only one issue… the smell of exhaust was unbearable. Deena and I were smelling fumes the entire time. Other than that I’d have to say it was a blast!


You can always use a Selfie!

Anyways, as we sped around the town we had plenty to see in the few hours that we had. We had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful lighthouse that overlooked the entire town as we made our way to the tiptop.




Danny trying to get through the small opening to the top of the lighthouse, ha

Visited an old passenger train next to the coliseum that was decked out in an authentic form. It was also made into a cafe…



We walked along the wide, cobble stone streets admiring the buildings and vintage cars.



IMG_6854Some were even made into an eating area!


We also snuck into an old crumbling coliseum – hehe sneaky, sneaky!


The stairs are literally falling apart


We couldn’t resist but to go inside!

The Blue Dollar

One of the main reasons that Danny and I decided to go over to Uruguay was to get the infamous U.S dollar. I don’t know if anyone is aware, but Argentina is in a huge economic crisis, which can either put you in a great economic situation or… shitty economic situation!

Let me break it down for you

The Argentine government put a cap on the Standard US dollar Exchange Rate even though the Economic International market surpasses that amount. Therefore, causing a black market for the US Dollar (aka Blue Dollar).

  • The Standard Exchange Rate per US Dollar = 8.78 Argentine pesos
  • The Black Market Exchange Rate per US Dollar = 12.8 -13 Argentine pesos
  • And, believe it or not a few months ago it was far beyond that amount!

I’m not a mathematician, but you’re saving a shit load of money by using the Blue Dollar exchange rate! How do you do it? It’s easy! Everybody and their grandmother are willing to buy US Dollars. Go to Florida Street and listen for people yelling “cambio” up and down the streets, find a local Argentine, or go to a Local Businesses.Since Danny and I didn’t enter the country with US dollars we had to get creative! We took out money in Brazil and converted Reals to Pesos, Took out US dollars in Uruguay (Hint Hint: That is why went to Colonia), and we also took out money in Chile and converted Chilean Pesos to Argentine Pesos.

In Reality, Its one big headache! But, thankfully for that same reason we got to see Colonia, Uruguay!


It was worth seeing the town, things ran much slower than in Buenos Aires, which was a good change. I could have gotten lost wandering down every street to admire the buildings and the colors.


Thanks for Following our Journey!

If you have any ideas of where we should go next… Let us Know!



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