Perito Moreno Glacier – Calafate, Patagonia

Making our way to Patagonia

We booked a flight from Buenos Aires down to the mysterious lands of Patagonia and that was the only route in our minds! We tend to draw the line for bus transportation once they surpass the 24 hour mark. And… a 2-day bus ride through the Patagonian pampas, seeing absolutely nothing isn’t high on our bucket list. Anyways, as we arrived to Calafate we were greeted with a giant glowing glacial lake, strong Patagonian winds, and plenty of rain. Patagonia was one of the destinations that we were absolutely thrilled about!IMG_7117 As we made it to our hostel we got down to business and started researching our tour options for the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. As we narrowed our decisions for the glacier we decided to go with the Mini Trekking option. The Mini Trekking option, included 2 hours of gazing at the phenomenal glacier, a boat tour, and 1.5 hours trekking on the glacier. Lets just say we definitely made the right decision and don’t regret a dime.

Lets talk about the Glacier

Perito Moreno is one of the few glaciers in Patagonia that is  actually increasing in size due to its specific geographical location as it’s wedged between the Andes.The ice is over 400 years old, can move up to 20 cm a day, and is over 19 miles long!


This is one of our favorite shots


The peaks and valleys were epic

The Mini Trekking Tour

The tour picked us up from our hostel and we began the scenic drive admiring the sparkling lakes, snow capped peaks, and rugged wilderness. As we approached the glacier everybody on the bus became extremely anxious and we practically jumped out our seats! Our guide told us to meet back in 2 hours and we thought to ourselves, pshh… that’s plenty of time. So, we quickly headed to the viewing platform to catch a glimpse of this natural wonder! As we made it to the viewing platform we sat there content eating our sandwiches and gazing at the glacier. The glacier was absolutely mind boggling as the ice plunged into the glowing waters. The glacier towered above us with its vivid blue colors, jagged edges, and unreal mass. We were lucky enough to see some decent size pieces of ice plunge into the fridged waters creating huge waves that washed ashore. This scene was Priceless and the sandwiches were good as well! 😉 IMG_7162 IMG_7141


The jagged edges were absolutely amazing

IMG_7195We watched the glacier for the entire 2 hours and ran up the stairs to catch the bus. The 2 hours given were definitely not enough! You can easily sit there all day!

On the Ice

We quickly loaded up and hopped on to the boat that toured the other side of the glacier. As we arrived we were introduced with a huge piece of ice crashing down as the guide spoke to us about the glacier and trekking. Epic Intro to the Ice Trekking let me tell ya!


We strapped on our crampons and head into the unknown! Danny and I were so ecstatic the entire time, we loved exploring the glacier, wandering around, and admiring the glacial waters that sat on the ice.IMG_7233 IMG_7221



The water was clearest and brightest blue we had ever seen. The best part was drinking the natural goodness

At the end of the tour our guide treated us to some whiskey to warm us up from being on the glacier. A tasty treat to end a perfect day. He even said this wonderful line, “This is the first time the ice is older than the whiskey!”- Amazing!

IMG_7279 IMG_7282 This day was so spectacular for the both of us and has been one of the highlights of our trip!

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